Questions & Answers

1. Do the furniture (sofas, beds) come out in different dimensions than the ones listed?

All our furniture comes in different sizes depending on the customer’s space and request. We manufacture the furniture in our factory, taking from the customer the desired dimensions. Measure your space and ask N.S.!

2. What degrees of hardness are there in sofas?

It is possible to choose the hardness of the sofa as well as the seat material without additional charge upon request. There are 3 different hardness options: soft, medium and hard.

3. What other functional options are available for sofas?

On our sofas, depending on the type and design, we give our customers the possibility to choose: material on the legs of the base (wooden or metal) and colors. In addition, all corner sofas have the ability to change direction (right or left) depending on the space.

4. What options are available in the beds?

All our beds are made according to customer’s requirements. In addition, it is possible in some designs to place a mechanism for lifting the mattress or storage space. Finally, the customer chooses the fabric and material of the bed.

5. How long does it take to build a piece of furniture?

For most of our furniture the construction time is about 20 days. In some special constructions it can be more or less.

6. How much do I charge for shipping to another area / city?

We undertake the cost of transporting the furniture WITHOUT additional charge for the customer for you in any city / region of Greece.