The company SKG Furniture was founded in 1966 by Γ.Σ., a craftsman of handmade sofas who learned the art from the best carpenter of the Darvara era. His participation in countless exhibitions of furniture and decoration in Greece and abroad made him a pioneer in the construction of sofas. Collaborations with many furniture construction companies made hism well-known.

In 1978, the company SKG Furniture moved to privately owned facilities at the 15th km of Thessaloniki – Polygyros. The company’s initial specialization was special construction of sofas.

In 2000 the company was taken over by his son Nikos SKG, a decorator and craftsman specializing in the manufacture of furniture and quilted sofas. His love and interest for furniture led him to make important decisions for the further development of the company. Thus, the company SKG Furniture started to participate in various exhibitions of furniture and interior and exterior designs.Constantly following fashion and trends, he promoted the classic and modern furniture on television, radio and in print and made it more beloved in the world.In 2013, the company acquired the MySofa SKG logo and was first presented online on the internet.In 2018, Nikos’ wife Silver Espeea took over the department of design and promotion of the furniture as well as the representation of the company in the various exhibitions.As a connoisseur of design and construction of furniture and living room spaces, Nikos SKG is the best to trust on choice of your furniture whether it is modern or classic.