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Furniture exhibition MySofa SKG

Combinations in your living room

How our furniture is made

See the new sofa designs for your living room and the items on offer. Adjustments can be made to any product you want.


At My Sofa in Andrianoupolis in Kalamaria, you will find exactly what you want for the living room of your dream!


MySofa SKG products and factory locations. It shows the whole production line of furniture manufacturing.


MySofa Furniture Products and Trends

Presentation of MySofa SKG

My Sofa SKG - logo video

What are the new trends in interior furniture? What materials can we use?


Presentation of the MySofa SKG furniture store in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.


SKG furniture factory is located 15 km from Thessaloniki to Polygyros, specializing in the construction of special sofas.


Folding sofa - bed

Folding sofa with metal frame with additional possibility of opening the bed with electric mechanism, if the customer wishes. Built-in latex sleeping mattress. Detachable washable fabrics.