• 7024

    2 or 3-seter sofa – latex cushions

    Sofa that you make in 3- seat or 2 -seat and in a corner layout. The back reclining mechanism and foam latex cushions  offer comfort to the most demanding customer. Lining with waterproof curl fabric and metal legs with powder paint.

  • 7025

    3-seater sofa with velvet upholstery

    Modern 3- seater sofa upholstered in velvet cotton fabric. Its distinguishing feature is the gauze that decorates the arms of the sofa. Its pillows are made of foam latex and offer comfort to even the most demanding customer.


  • Asymmetric sofa with leather and inox base

    180x090 cm asymmetric design sofa. The construction of the frame is made of specially processed beech wood. High quality durable leather upholstery. At the base of the reclining perimeter there is a metal inox base. We can build a special construction in a different dimension with a choice of leather type and fabric by the customer. Decorate your living room with modern and stylish furniture. Choose a design, dimensions, fabric or leather from our catalogs and we will make it for you!

  • Beech wood corner sofa with details of oak, walnut

    Corner sofa in dimensions 300x250cm made of high quality beech wood. Th base can be designed with oak, walnut or honey wood. The sofa legs are painted with electrostatic metalic color powder. We use only high quality materials in all our sofa designs. All furniture is made in Greece at our factories. There is a possibility of a special order with a choice of dimensions and fabrics by the customer.

  • sofa bed

    Boho style sofa

    Boho style sofa with fabrics integrated on the underside of the sofa. The sofa can be opened as a double bed.

  • Capitone restaurant sofa with velvet upholstery

    Capitone restaurant sofa in special dimensions upon request. The sofa is made of beech wood and velvet fabric with special coating and waterproofing for greater durability and cleaning if it is intended for professional use.

  • Capitone style sofa with leather upholstery and beech wood frame

    Capitone style sofa with leather upholstery and beech wood frame. High quality professional furniture designed based on the rich experience of our company.

  • Classic three-seater beech wood sofa

    Classic three-seater sofa 225x90cm with beech wood construction. The upholster is made of capitone style velvet fabric and seat cushions are made of foam latex and layered with feathers. This unique classic sofa with the highest quality materials made in Greece will always remain in trend! On the arms, at the base and back of the frame, there is a contour with inox caps. The dimensions of the sofa can be changed on your request. Three-seater - 215 to 245cm and two-seater - 185 - 205cm.

  • Classic three-seater quilted sofa

    Classic three-seater sofa in capitone style. The seat cushions are made of latex foam and goose feathers. The sofa upholster is made of English velvet fabric. The sofa legs are made of water-color painted wood. The dimensions can be adjusted to the customer's living room. MySofa SKG has been making unique designs on modern and classic sofas since 1966.

  • Classic three-seater sofa quilted pillows from Latex

    Classic three-seater sofa capitone style and upholster from high quality velvet fabric. Seat pillows are made of latex foam and a layer of goose feathers. The sofa legs are made of specially treated and water-color painted wood. On customers' request the sofa can be made as three-seater and two-seater in dimensions depending on the dimensions of your living room: three-seater - 215 - 245cm and two-seater - 185 - 205cm.

  • Corner armchair from wood and anatomic latex

    Corner sofa made of walnut wood of American origin in dimension 320x280cm. The seat and back cushions of the sofa are made of foam latex material. The pillows are designed in elegant capitone style. The upholstery fabric is velvet and is removable and washable. For more unique designs check all our furniture and choose the style and dimensions you want!